I have trouble "clicking" with people on dates. Any tips?

I meet people, but seem to develop feelings for very few. I never seem to connect to my dates, even if I wait weeks for it to develop. I have a lot of friends and I'm socially adept, but that deeper emotional chemistry is so hard to find. Dating without any feelings gets so dreary.


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  • Try having an open mind when on a date and find things you have in common with your date, most dates "click" when they find something they both have in common, if you both like romantic walks for example do that, do something romantic find the spark.

    • I feel like I don't have anything in common with people all the time. Maybe that's part of the problem. But sometimes I do and I still feel disconnected or even repelled by something that doesn't seem to match up.


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  • You're not ready to date yet them

  • If you go on a date now, who's leading the conversation?

    • It depends on the guy. If he's nervous, I'll try to make it easier. I attract a lot of monologue types, though. Then I try to listen and appear interested. When I click, it feels so natural with the back and forth.

    • Hm so far so good..
      ".. I feel like I don't have anything in common with people all the time..." -> try to find out what and why fascinates them, and look out for a little piece of fascination inside yourself for that topic?

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  • Be open minded to things, like don't completley shut down when your on a date and somethings not interesting.

    • I do, and it helps him like me... But not me like him?