General advice for dating a super shy girl. (Men and Women please respond)

Sometimes dating a shy girl can be hard, because it falls on the guy to come up with new topics every time one runs dry. Also, it can be weird getting used to having to talk so much, because most girls seem to like guys who are good listeners and don't talk too much, while in the early stages with shy girls seem like kind of the opposite.

So, any general advice on how to get to know a shy girl and avoid awkward silences on the first few dates?


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  • I'm really shy but my first date was surprisingly not awkward. Just ask her questions like what kind of music she likes, if she has any siblings, her hobbies, and stuff like that. And once she gets used to it, she'll start talking, too. And even if she doesn't talk much or not look at you, that doesn't mean that she doesn't like you. So don't worry! :)


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  • Well get to know her more and maybe you'll find out she's a whole different person. It depends on how comfortable she is with you though. I know I'm like that.

  • I am a really shy girl myself. I would say to just be patient with her if she is shy and quiet.

    I have had a guy say to me on a date before that I was really quiet which I did not appreciate. I know I am, he didn't have to point it out.

    As for me, when I get more comfortable around people I am much more talkative. The guy I am seeing now I am completely comfortable with him and don't have a problem saying stuff to him or asking him anything.

  • I'm shy too and what helps me out is when the guy kinda breaks the ice and makes me feel like it's okay to talk and kinda be myself. Guys joking around usually eases me into feeling comfortable aswell.


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