Girls, would you date a Filipino dude if?

My friend is only 5'7 but 185lbs, muscular, broad shoulders, huge arms, pecs, flat stomach, tan, black hair, flat nose but handsome, big round black eyes not slits, funny, outgoing, classic rock/rap/country music kinda guy. Definitely not your stereotypical Asian. I'm a white guy trying to figure out what girls think. I've been one of his best friends for a long time and he's been kinda down lately not being in a relationship for a while. We live in a Hispanic dominant city. He's been with girls but he told me he doesn't make the first move because he's afraid they won't like him just because he's Asian and that's messed up. Honest opinions only. If you could, also state your ethnicity. He's really into Hispanic chicks.


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  • I'm quite sure any girl would want to date that


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  • A picture would be nice, but based on the description I might. It's hard to tell if you don't actually know the person... I'm white btw.

    The "my friend" story sounds suspicious though XD

    • Lmao Yes I've done that "my friend" thing too before. Can be suspicious at times but works most of the time. lol

  • Not Hispanic but Filipino guys are good looking. I dated someone who was Pinoy.

  • yes.. Im a filipina and looks does not matter at all.


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