Women On Online Dating (Tinder)?

I truly suck at attracting women in real life. I started using Tinder, was able to talk to some pretty decent women, connect with them, get their number, and I've been out on a few successful dates with some nice women.

Today, this one girl really annoyed me. I've been talking to her for 2 week now. I asked her for her number and she got all defensive and strange.

-She changed the subject.

-She then asked me for my number (which I gave to her).

-She asked me where I live again.

-She then asked me where I went to school (I already told her 5 times that we went to the same university).

-She is now asking me for my last name.

At that point I stopped talking to her. I feel like I am doing a criminal background test! I want to delete her from my Tinder... but now she has my number -_-.

If girls are so afraid of meeting people from online... why even sign up for these things?


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  • You have to be leery about that shit. Not much different from Craigslist.


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  • I met a guy from an online chatsite... was a good learning experience. Show her you are a real guy. With no bad feelings.

  • probably a cat fish


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  • If you suck at attracting women in real life, maybe you shouldn't just abandon or ignore your flaws. Work on them.