Why does he back out when he invites me somewhere?

When my grandfather passed away a year ago, he texted me and sent his condolences to me. It was like around midnight then I said how I was so upset and I couldn't handle it. He said "Come chill with me" so I said "Ok, where you at?" He didn't respond for like 40 mins then he said "I have to get up early for work" Umm.. ok? Then he called me other times and ask me out in a way, but then would back out. My friend said it probably is because he didn't want to take advantage of me because I was in a vulnerable state when my grandfather died, but I don't know. I would rather hear from other guys and what you guys think? And girls. Please comment. Why does he do that?


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  • It just sounds like he's a flake, and that's pretty normal with people. I wouldn't bother trying to make plans with him though.


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