Why does he seem so interested now that I've moved on?

We've know each other for about 3months I strongly liked him and he told me he liked me a lot too. We had great chemistry, and was very attracted to each other, but I couldn't take his mixed signals. We would meet spend a little time together, do the nasty and then he would disappear for the next day or two. It wasn't like we were dating, but still its just the point. I finally told him I just don't want to talk anymore. Now he's been texting and calling me like never before. Why now does he seem so interested? I really want to still talk to him, but I want him to want and miss me like I want him. I'm 23 and he's 34


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  • loss triggers love there was this girl and we went through the same exact thing she moved on then i started to actually care for her and my inner emotions spilled out we weren't dating at all either so i guess he's feeling the same way i did towards that girl


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  • He likes to play games to keep u interested.

    • Right, but when I ignore him, I'm immature according to him.. smh