Should I try reconnecting with her... or not?

dated a girl a couple of years ago... kinda forgot about her until now... recently noticed some pics on FB that she posted and I started thinking about her again.

Normally I don't dwell on the past but after seeing her pics I started to think about her and the good times we shared. The problem... at the time we ended up breaking up over a silly argument which I kinda started. I apologized for my role in the argument but she was having none of it and said we should go our separate ways. I tried connecting with her a month later but that went nowhere.

I don't want to come across as creeping... especially after 2 years but would it be inappropriate for me to contact her? Pretty sure she is not dating anyone. She also has an instagram account. I was thinking of adding her there to test the waters and take it from there. What's your opinion? Or should I just give up on ever reconnecting with her?


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  • Give it a shot. The worst that can happen is what is happening now, and that's nothing.


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  • Stop living in the past. It is just your hormones thinking u should talk to her. She i am sure doesn't want you

  • It's a waste of time. Stop living in the past. If you can break up over something silly I'm sure she knows you guys aren't compatible enough to handle anything serious.


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