Girls if a guy calls you asking to go to the movies but you two aren't dating wha do you think he wants?

I like this girl I met in high school our senior year we got to know each other better. Its been a while I haven't seen her, the other day I went to see her but they were moving and her sister gave me the girls number ( well actually her moms number because she's always using it) but Im afraid to call her and ask her to hang out with me. What do you recommend I do. Should I call her maybe she will laugh at me. Honestly she is really beautiful compared to me I dont have low self esteem but I know its true.


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  • Here's what u do call her ask her and say its not a date unless u want it to be lol


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  • to go to the movies and it isn't a date unless he tells u so

  • About the movies- it depends on the level of your friendship, if you two were super close and kind of flirty, then she may think its a date. if you two aren't that close, i wouldn't think of it as a date, it would just be a hangout.
    if you call her to hang out.. why would she laugh at you? you just want to catch up on things and just hang out.


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