I want to know if my boyfriend likes me or not?

so I'm dating this guy and its been a month and a half. he's in highschool and I'm in middle school. at his high school he's extremely popular and all the girls like him. one time he had kiss marks all over his cheeks from girls trying to kiss him. He honestly tells me he likes me and that he even wants to be engaged with me but he doesn't like the idea of holding hands or kissing. is this a bad sign? he's also busy with family matters all the time and I see him once a week. do you think he likes me? pretty sure I'm over anaylizing all this.


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  • Yes he does. He's just uncomfortable with PDA and maybe is just a little shy. Don't worry, keep working on it and I'm sure he'll open up :)

    • maybe so. thanks. as I said I was probably over anaylizing it xD

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  • if he's ur boyfriend, im pretty sure he likes you to some degree


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  • God I'm so glad I wasn't this stupid in middle school ahahaha