I am so depressed, and don't know what to do?

No matter how hard i try to look and feel attractive, i just don't get the same results... or any results for that matter, whether its asking a girl for her number, or even becoming friends with a girl i know that i can't make a girl like me even when i show the best of my personality. i honestly want to kill myself. i notice other guys who get compliments and can easily strike a pose for a picture. Then there is me, i wore glasses all my life, was severely skinny until i told myself that a change was needed. I started working out and got contact lenses and my ego sky rocketed, until i attempted to talk to girls. Every time i send them a message that i am interested they just ignore and give the message that they are not interested. AND DON"T GIVE ME NO PERSONALITY CRAP, BEEN THERE DONE THAT HELL IM STILL DOING THAT. i comfort the girls or help them with their homework and thats all they call me for i hate it. When i ask to hang out they make up an excuse. I've always wanted to be good looking ever since i was a small child and saw my friend get his first girlfriend. I told my self " i want that!" I'm losing faith and feel that i will never live a happy life because i was born with a flawed appearance. i hate my life. I hope the you are able to see the picture i am posting.


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  • Well I can't see the picture unfortunately but it looks like you've just had to put up with a lot of shit girls. Not all girls are like that you just haven't found the right kind of girl yet. The worst thing to do is to not feel confident about yourself because when you don't feel good about yourself you can't expect others too feel good about you. Why are you hating on yourself? Stop. Honey I'm sure its not that bad and I understand it can be soooooo frustrating but you got to keep going. I am going to give you some personality crap. I am not saying looks don't matter because they do to some extent but there are guys that have such great personalities that honestly I liked their personality so much that they became ATTRACTIVE to me. I'm not the only girl who is like this and I can assure you that. You just have to keep looking. Maybe in different places. You sound like a very nice guy who's just gotten a lot of shit from girls and that sucks! I'm sorry! But you shouldn't lose faith. EVERYONE WANTS TO BE GOOD LOOKING! But guess what, everyone was born looking a certain way for a certain reason and if you're lacking in looks you're certainly not lacking in other areas that some people may be lacking in. Focus on the positive things. Make those positive things known to other people. Please don't hate you life. Life is precious. I know this sucks. Just hang in there and keep trying. You never know who you'll meet :)

    • My profile pic is me... be the judge. Life is precious to those who are attractive, and the type that you described is severely rare, at least in this wannabe city.

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    • Not easy to stop being depressed. i want to be more if you know what i mean

    • I know hun its not easy BUT a lot of it has to do with will power. Only you have the power to change the way you think about yourself. It doesn't matter what I or anyone else says. You should become more ok with yourself and once you do that, LIFE will be so much better. I promise you :)


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  • I'm a girl and I totally understand. I never had a boyfriend before though had a few guys like me but not for the right reasons really. I'm super insecure no matter how much makeup I can put on, how much weight I lose etc. You have to realize that there IS someone out there for every single person. You just haven't come across the right person yet. Regardless of what you don't like about yourself, I know there is someone out there that will accept you exactly as you are, with flaws and all. Everyone is attracted to different people, we all find certain features attractive and we all have types. Don't worry, I always thought and still do think that no one will accept me as I am but deep down I know someone will. Not every person that you may like is gonna like you back, it sucks but I've been through it too. Hang in there, don't hurt yourself over this. You are a unique individual and someone out there will find you perfect just as you are. It may not be now but it will happen someday.

    • And looks do matter to an extent, I'm not gonna lie. BUT I have found people more attractive because of their personalities many times.

    • But did you want to date these people? one thing i have noticed is, girls are extremely picky. Not saying you are but most girls are and it drives me insane.

    • Yeah I def would of dated them, if I find a guy fairly attractive and they have a great personality then yes. Well I don't think its so much picky always, everyone has different taste/things they find attractive. Both guys and girls can be picky but don't worry, not all girls are, you just have to find someone that accepts you the way you are :)

  • To be honest every girl has a kind of guy they like. Aaww you sounded adorable to me. And to be honest it shouldn't matter what you look like as long as you are happy with yourself. I am sure you can find someone. You just haven't found the right girl yet, it happens to both girls and guys. There are many places to find someone these days, so chin up. The best thing to do is to be around friends and family & do all the things you enjoy doing and take it from there **hugs!!**

  • For one your username is depressed77 why don't u change your name for starters and then see a psychiatrist or you could find something that makes u happy the more you claim depression the more depressed you'll be but when u suffer from depression there's not much u can do. Do u mind if I pray for you?


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  • Nah man, you need to create ART!

    Whatever it is you feel inside, it needs to be expressed in some real outlet. Whether that be drawing, music, writing, etc. etc. it just needs to come out. You cannot hold this in forever or you WILL want to do something bad to yourself. Been there, felt that.

    There are SO MANY art forms with which you can look inside yourself, stare into the black cauldron of emotion and pull out something that will help others understand the massive craziness of the human experience.

    Plus, WE'VE GOT THE INTERNET, man! If you're too shy to attach your own name to your work, there are so many ways to create and share while remaining anonymous. It really can boost your confidence/reaffirm that going through life in a shit storm is not the ONLY way.

    Negativity is like a poison of the mind, and it needs to be purged at all costs. Realism is moderate negativity that accepts that the world is not perfect. Positivity is cutting through the bullshit that people spout off with facts and results. Strive for the latter.

    It's all you, man. If I can do it, you sure as hell can!

    • i've been wanting to be some sort of writer, maybe create a journal, there is a contest at my school which involves writing a short story but my grammar severely sucks and that just discourages me. Thank you for reminding me of this thought since i really want to get a tutor for this.

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    • Thank you for the tip, it was honestly very helpful and changed my view on reading.

    • Yeah dude, no problem.

      Most new skills are only a kick in the ass (self-motivation) and self-education (reading, talking to people, observing) away. I'm a big Do-It-Yourself kind of guy so I've had to be my own motivation when nobody else was around. It sucks to learn stuff the hard way but I'm sure you know that.

      Here's to moving forward and learning through doing!