Guys, is this a good way to confess?

"So I've liked you for a while now, and its got me thinking that I should tell you in person and just get it off my chest you know? Better to come from me than anyone else. And I was wondering if you'd like to hang out sometime?"

how's that? coming from a girl to a boy? guys, what would think if a girl did that to you?


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  • That sounds good, all depends on how he feels for you but if he does it'll work no problem. Straight up honesty (in person not text crap) is always respectable.


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  • I feel it's a whole lot better in person.

    You can see his immediate reaction, as opposed to over text.


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  • im not a guy but i think that sounds pretty good. and on Monday i'm gunna ask my crush out on a date and we're total strangers pretty much. he knows who i am and all but we're not friends or anything. call me crazy but i kinda want him to break my heart so i can get over him. im still thinking of a way to do it. wish me luck

    • That's my situation EXACTLY!! Oh gosh, I tried to tell him tonight but it was so sickening and nerve racking I couldn't even eat the refreshments at the event. Crazy how one person can make you feel so sick and miserable yet so happy and starry eyed. Yeah, I've known my crush practically since we were born, even our parents grew up together.
      Good luck confessing to your crush!! I hope it goes well for you!