It's been like 2 months of high school and I still haven't met any guys?

I haven't even made any guy friends it's been fricking two months wth am I doing wrong? My friend back home keeps asking me if I have a bae my other friends are telling me all these guys like them and it's so irritating like why hasn't one guy taken the time to get to know me it's a big school so I would think at least one guy like why?


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  • A lot of people are in you're boat. I wondered the same about girls when I was a freshman and it never happened for me in highschool. I hate to spoil it but the social framework of school sucks, but chances are all those guys are immature preps or jock heads and

    • But is there anything I can do to change all of this?

    • Change what? It all depends, in my class I floated between the social groups, I would hang with geeks and then go to a preppy party that night, I was Vice President of my class and also frowned upon by some teachers for not caring about class work, so if you mean meet new people and make friends yes you can change that because I sure did. Try building friendships with people who are already very social, meet their friends etc. But if you mean find a guy for dating I obviously cannot help you there. Just talk to them, worst that can happen they act awkward, if that's the case they made it that way not you.


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  • If your not willing to approach people, at least be in a receptive state of mind. Ya know, almost invite guys to talk to you. Give em glance and sorta of beckon them over. I'm sure they'll fall for you as they get to know ya.

  • why don't you take the time to get to know guys?

    • Because I'm shy and I don't think I should have to I mean it's ok but I mean out of all the guys why can't one just ugh

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  • Have you put any effort into making guy friends or gone after anyone

    • No not really but it's because I'm used to people coming to me

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    • I have met people but it's not the same they can never replace my old friends

    • New friends aren't about replacing old one. Its just making new ones. If I only kept my old friends I'd of missed out on new experiences and at this point in life been a loner for about 5 years. I went to college so did they some stayed far awat