I feel like a fool!

A guy that I dated got in touch with me last year and we talked a lot, we didn't meet up we just spoke whenever he reached out. The thing is he's in a relationship which is why I refused to see him. He is still with her despite all the things he said, and now I feel like a fool for even entertaining him when he reached out. He prob only sees me as the rebound girl who he knows he has just in case. How do I fix this and make him think otherwise?


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  • The next time he "reaches out" to you just ignore him. That will change his mind of you.


What Girls Said 1

  • The best you can do is cut yourself off from being his confidant. Even at that, he may never see you as more than a girl to talk to. Further, if he was single I would say you could put it on the line with him and tell him that you are only interested in dating, not in an endless phone call relationship. But, he isn't single. I think it would be fine instead to tell him that you have found yourself becoming interested in seeing him and dating but you respect he is in a relationship and if that should change in the future you would love to go out but until then you are uncomfortable speaking to him.

    • Well he def is still attracted me that was obvious through our conversations, and he said that he wished things could have worked between us and that they still can...so does that seem like I'm more than just a girl to talk to ?

    • I have been in your exact position. I have been told the exact same thing, but then still not had anything further come of it. It is very frustrating but all I can say is this, you are not more than just a girl to talk to until he does more than talk to you. You cannot make this guy think differently of you, but you can stop wearing yourself out by putting it to him straight and leaving it with him to respond. Also, it is not uncommon for a guy to complain about a Girlfriend but not leave them.