Do you wish you could skip the dating process and just find your lovely life partner?

I feel personally, that failed dates are time and money given to insiginificant people in our lives that come and go. I would like to, at an early age spent my quality time and my money on the girl I know I will marry.

What about you?


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  • no I don't want to skip to the ending of my book, I want to read all the details through it.

    • Good for you. (:

      I on the other hand would like skip to the end of the dating book, then start a whole new book of together with my wife.

    • eets all guud man:D we have all gone through experiences that lead us to the decisions we choose to make. you know whats best for you.

    • Yeah, thanks dude. (:
      There is evidently no right or wrong answer here, just different sentiments individuals share toward the dating game.


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  • Yeah im still fasicinated by marriage and who i will end up with. Its a little strange and scary. But i like dating, its such a cute stage to get to know eachother and have fun before it gets serious

  • No way, I love the dating process. I find it exciting.

    • Haha, glad it works for you then! (:
      I have some male friends who enjoy dating too, they just love the chase I tell you. They see it as an accomplishment whenever they manage to date a hot girl.

    • Can't blame them.

  • Yes I dread dating I wish I could just meet my future husband

  • It's like wanting to sing in La Scala or MET without having to go through all that tedious vocal training. Sure, it's a nice fantasy, and it'd be nice to just use your time and your vocals in actual operas, but you know how hard you'd fail a big aria without proper experience?

    • I don't think we can actually compare singing to love. (:

      In singing, one really has to have a mellifluous and stellar voice to sing in such prestigious events. And this voice can be honed and the singer trained by giving live performances to gain the experience to brace themselves for the real deal.

      Whereas in love, a person is being loved for who he/she naturally is. The ability to express love is instinctively inside of us humans. We don't require proper experience in this area, as there is no La Scala or MET, everyday is just tranquil bliss. Thr only thing we should learn is effective communication as that would aid us to love our spouse more efficiously, but as for experience in love, personally for me, I don't think every individual requires it.

      But if you feel it is good for you to have proper experience in love, then good for you. (:
      You should date more to gain more experience first. What matters is that the method works for you. (:

  • Yeah. I haven't even started the process yet and I'm already dreading it.

    • Haha, if only an arranged marriage would work out perfectly, we could skip the dating process.

      But the reality is that we all wouldn't know the future with our spouse in an arranged marriage. Even with dating, one wouldn't know the future with his/her spouse after marriage, one may have a rough idea of it I suppose.

  • OMG i totally agree why waste precious time on people who don't really love you?

    • Precisely. Our time is so precious since we only have around a 100 years or less on earth, so why waste it on those who do not appreciate us yeah. (:

      Same goes for money, I work very hard for my remuneration. So I would like to spend it on my wife, family, relatives, friends, charity and myself. Why should we spend it on the people who don't matter to us. Lol.

  • Nope just looking for casual date not lovely partner

    • I see. (:
      So you prefer the single life?

      I do have friends that prefer to date casually too and not looking to settle down. Committment is not everyone's cup of tea.

    • Yeah you got it :)

  • Not really. I think it's good, that we go through heart breaks and make mistakes, before we find the one.

    • Why do u say so?

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    • The reason why u felt my answers were kind of "whiney" was because you can't reason for nuts.

      Whining is E. g. "This world is so unfair, I can't get any girls, girls are to blame."

      My answers to you were all of reasoning. Just too bad you can't discern whining from reasoning.

    • You know what? Let's just stop it here. Im not gonna change my mind, and you aren't either. There aren't much left to say, that haven't already been said.

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  • Sometimes you need to go through heartaches and failed attempts, to value the one even more. If you've never failed or experienced pain, you can't appreciate what you have.

    As for the money & time "wasted"... I always like to think back about the movie tokyo drift:
    (up till 1:50) Best quote out of the whole movie...

    I'd rather spend some money and time and realise it's not a person i want to be with, than have all this money and be surrounded by people that i hate or people that hate me.

    • I get your point on "going through failed attempts to value one even more."
      However, isn't it that life itself has already presented to us chanllenges and predicaments that we may learn from and ultimatly treasure what we have/who we are with.
      Dating just seems like an extra chanllenge to make life even harder for those who are diffident yet want to fall in love.

      Don't be offended man, I am not saying you are wrong or whatever, just raising some points after reading your comment.

  • I agree with your perspective. I did the dating gig up to my mid-twenties, I didn't have much appreciation for it. I don't go out looking for someone either though, as I know better than to rely on others to make me happy. It's something we should never pursue, as the good things come when least expected.

  • Media and fictional stories like to give society the idea that true love will just appear out of nowhere, and you'll live happily ever after. The harsh reality is that finding love takes work and effort.

  • *tips fedora*

  • Learning about someone you are interested in is more exciting than finding the one right away. Gaining wisdom in the process of dating what works or not. Yes we spend money but it is worth getting to know someone in the process.

  • yeah that would be perfect for me. I don't really date so finding the person right away would be nice

    • For your case dude, why not use those abs as bait and hook your soulmate out of her solitude.

      Hah, good luck bro. (:
      Unfortunately in life, we just don't get to choose to meet out life partner immediately after being ready.

    • they never did anything when i did have them

  • In answer to your question: yes.

    • So are your reasons identical to mine?

    • @Asker Similar to your reasons. I am possibly the most unsuccessful and inept man in history, in terms of dealing with women. Whatever they are looking for, I am not it. Life would be simpler if I could just cut to the chase. I have come to accept that there is nobody for me.

    • Yeah, cutting to the chase is indeed simple and straight forward. I find it tough to deal with the constant rejection from the opposite sex. Well, I do feel emotionally drained.

      But don't t be so negative bro! Because dating exist, we have to find our precious soulmate the hard way.

  • Of course not. Dating is fun. And if I didn't have experience dating, I'd be sure to fuck up the relationship with my life partner, because I wouldn't know anything about how to successfully treat the opposite sex.