How do you choose who to swipe right on Tinder?

Is it just looks?
Or do you read their description?

And what are you on Tinder for, hook ups or dates?

  • Looks, hook ups
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  • Looks, dates
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  • Descriptions, hook ups
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  • Descriptions, dates
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  • What's a Tinder?
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  • A combination of looks and the description. But looks is the instant determinator. If looks are fine, I'll read the description. If the description catches my attention in a positive way, I'll swipe right.

    I use Tinder for either hook-ups or dates, and whatever potentionally might develop from there on. I'm open to anything.


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  • I've never had any intention of meeting with any match on tinder. I only swipe right to people I find attractive, a bad description can cause then to lose their right swipe (looks first description afterwards) haven't logged in for months though. Who knows what's on there now.

    • What's a good description?

    • Don't know, depends on the guy. Perhaps something that challenges my initial opinion of their personality from their pictures, or an interesting talent/interest. A blunt description of what their looking for. Who knows, depends. If it's too long I probably won't read it, don't need an essay. I do notice the things we have in common (if anything) and common friends.

  • Both. Obviously I look at looks & I read their description (if they have one) to make sure they're not a royalty weirdo/dumbass/asseipe/etc.

    I try to use it for dates somewhat but no ONS.

  • I swipe right based on both looks and description. Obviously it's look first, but if their description is something off putting I'll swipe left. If someone is average looking, have a great description is a right swiper too. I use it for hookups, dates, dating, etc. I'm pretty much open to anything and have gotten a boyfriend from it.

  • I feel like that app is centered entirely on looks alone, it's not really a practical dating app in my opinion. But I kind of don't really use those apps, I've tried them and I don't like them. It's too easy to skip over someone who would be great.

  • lmao most dont know what it is xD

    • I don't know about most, its pretty popular

    • i meant the voting results :D

    • Oh, well that was more of a different way of saying "see results" than an actual option, I don't know if most people understood that tho.

  • Most people just swipe for looks and hook ups lol.

  • Both looks and description. Looks tell a lot about the person.

    And Im not there with a serious mind. Its just fun

    • Would you be open to anything if you met a guy you liked?

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    • Friends, dates, relationships.

    • Well obviously. Being "not serious" just means Im nit really looking for a soul mate.

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