He said he didn't want his friend to see me 'naked'. Why was he saying that?

I've been seeing my boyfriend for a few months now and been to his apartment a few times. Anyway, we were hanging out and having a few drinks before heading to his place.

When we got to his place, his friend wasn't there yet (who is a guy btw) and it must have been 2 in the morning. I had gotten some wine on my shirt and decided to take it off and wash it. I wasn't naked, but wearing my panties and my bra.

I left my shirt in the bathroom to dry and went back into bed with my boyfriend, just wearing my panties and bra.

My boyfriend later said in bed that "what if my friend had seen you naked?"

Did it bother him that I was half naked in the bathroom and that his friend would see me?


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  • Would you want your boyfriend running around in his under wear around girls/


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What Guys Said 2

  • Surely of course , it will bother him because you may turn his friend on by mistake, cover up ever time when in relationship but when you are single , go solo go naked.

  • Maybe he just didn't want his friend to start hitting on you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Of course it bothered him. He's not upset with you it's just the fact that you two are together and he wouldn't want his friend to see you naked or even half naked. Would you like it if he just walked around in his boxers or just have a towel around his waist?