Am I normal :D? /Not knowing what to add/?

Almost every girl around me is trying to get a boyfriend and all the boys around me hope to have a girlfriend.. Am I normal when I'm just not interested in that when I'm already 16.. I just think I have enough time for those things. Maybe some people would say that I'm afraid of having a relationship but I actually don't feel like doing it.. So the question.. Is it normal for a girl with that kind of friends? :D


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  • Everyone is different and develops differently. Most people in high school are getting into girlfriends/boyfriends. Most are becoming sexually aware of themselves and wanting to explore further. Are you masturbating yet... as this is usually want gets things going. Most guys your age have been doing it for a while, and most girls are getting into it the last couple years.
    Don't worry about it at all. I have a very attractive female cousin that's graduating college this year. She has never had a boyfriend and doesn't appear to be looking for one as a priority. He priority was school, college, and now looking for a career. This may seem odd to some, but in the long run, she's going to be well-ahead of anyone else her age.
    With relationships (especially young ones) come breakups, jealousy, maturity issues, etc... and it really can take your focus away from what's important. The longer you want and get through school, the better you'll be.
    Not saying relationships are bad or aren't a lot of fun too... but when you're ready, you'll know. It's on YOUR terms... NOT everyone else's. Never let anyone make you feel like your being "different"... because there's no right or wrong. There's only what YOU decide to do with your life. You only have one to live, so do it YOUR way. Your way is the ONLY way!!!


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  • Of course you aren't normal. No one is, normal is an invention by statisticians. If you don't think you want this, there is no reason to succumb to some sort of peer pressure and do it anyway.


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  • I'm 16 as well, and I've never been interested in getting a boyfriend. Its pretty normal.