I've recently started dating an algerian muslim?

Can anyone tell me any do's and don'ts. I'm not really familiar with the religion and I don't want to mess up by saying or doing something inappropriate.

I've already messed up once food wise since he told me he didn't eat pork, but didn't mention he only ate halal meat.

╭( ๐_๐)╮ Any help appreciated.


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  • Sure, since you now know he only eats halal meat then stick with that if you're gonna be giving him a dish with meat in it. No alcohol and you already know no pork. If you can't find halal meat in your area you can always go to someplace that serves fish or make something with fish if you wanna make something for him. If he's cooking then the onus is on him to find something good that you can eat and he can eat so don't worry there. If getting something with gelatin in it either make sure it's halal or it's suitable for vegetarians.

    Honestly though, the easiest thing to do is to talk to him and ask him. He won't feel upset or offended that you asked and would be happy to tell you what he does and does not eat. Same with other things, just talk to him cause after all we're all different. Talking is the best solution here.

    If it was me though I would also add, no drugs or alcohol where I am cause I'll just leave the area if that's the case. But again talk to him cause everyone has their own thing and level of preference/comfort when it comes down to anything from food to environment to habits etc.

    • Thank you, that was really helpful


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  • Don't. Just, don't.

    • Reasons as to why?

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    • Look at the countries, yes a lot of them are still in the feudal stage, doesn't this mean we should compare them to feudal christianity...

    • Hmmm, so you're saying that muslims are about 800 years behind the rest of the world?

  • No alcohol, that's all I know

    • I don't drink anyway.

  • He will make you his slave and take you far away to muslim world.


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  • Since islam technically doesn't allow dating I take it he's not terribly religious though that could change.

    For foods, I would go with vegetarian or seafood options if halal is unavailable. Of course no alcohol. Get to know his religion too as many muslims consider islam a part of their identity. Most don't mind if you ask about it and many welcome it. Just make sure you do your own independent online research like on islamqa. info to make sure he's being honest. Many times, what a muslim says to a non-muslim is completely different from what a muslim says to another muslim.

  • My best friend is engaged to an Algerian Muslim and as others have said no pork, no alcohol, halal meats. My friend has never been happier, she's been to meet his Imam and she has, spoken to his mother through skype. Good luck :)

  • Well im going to go ahead and assume his parents dont know because you're usually not allowed to date in Islam. If they dont know, be understamding when he tryes to hide you from his social media websites and not tell everyone about you guys dating. And yeah; no pork, alcohol, and if he's religious enough , no sex.

    • Well, we've already had sex, he's basically estranged from his parents, and his friends know about me. The no pork or alcohol doesn't bother me. I don't drink, and I rarely eat pork anyway.

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    • Yeah, understood! (: Really nice of you to be thoughtful.

    • Thanks. ( ´ ▽ ` )

  • This is the wrong website to ask that certain users on here dedicate their lives to hating Islam on here. And so many people on here seem to hate it