First date tips? (tell your experiences as well)?

There was this guy from the start of university in the same course, he has always been quiet so I just waited for him to approach me.
Because its almost university holidays I fought myself to ask him out for a coffee. He looked stunned for a moment but he said yes. Tomorrow it will be, and I can't believe I just stepped out of my comfort zone lol
He is a real genuine guy, I don't have strong feelings yet, but I really like him I wasn't sure about him liking back but because he agreed that says something.
Its my first date, so its a massive deal. I will keep it casual tomorrow, ask about what he would to pursue at university and stuff. Regardless of how things go, I think it is good that I am doing something about my dating life.
Suggestions and advice boys and girls? How was your experience with dating?


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  • How did it go?

    My first date was... different lol. I literally kept avoiding him and trying to ignore him but then we got icecream and chatted. It was nice,

    My advice is to be yourself.


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