Why do I only attract this type of guy?

I only attract guys who will stare and some who will show off around me but none of them directly ever ask me out. I once had a guy who had some one else ask me if I wanted his number but I said no because he was a immature jerk. So why is this.


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  • I have the same problem...
    I've come to the conclusion that I might look stuck up or unapproachable. Try to smile more and look more "open". I think it's easy to look like you're not interested than the other way around. Also perhaps be more flirty. If the opportunity is there then how about you just strike up conversation instead of waiting for the guy. Remember, guys get shy & nervous too. If you're a pretty lady then it can be intimidating to approach you, I'd imagine. Just keep this in mind and try to perhaps reach out more from your side.


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  • Their afraid that you will reject them. It sounds like some of these guys are introverts in which case it will take a long time for them to ask you out. The second reason is they don't recognize the settle signs that your are interested in them. Because I was this way when it came to asking a young lady out.
    The last possibility could be these guys are still immature.

  • Fear of rejection but still popping the question is part bravery and part anxiety. Anxiety comes from the feelings that one better grow a pair real soon or lose the woman to someone else. Fear of rejection and never acknowledging your feelings for someone is cowardice.

  • Hmm this ispersonrl problem


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