Have we lost the "spark"?

so.. me and my boyfriend have been going out for about a year and a half now and i truly love him.. and i'm certain he loves me too. but i've found our conversations are rather shallow and we seem to lack passion... i know he's naturally quiet and awkward (as am i) and we're both really shy. the thing is that im 18 and i feel like there's more to love.. how can we regain the spark? or is it too late?


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  • The Spark isn't meant to last forever. Plus, relationships that are high in passion are often full of extremem highs and lows, and also, not meant for forever. With a lot of passion comes a lot of fighting too. A relationship that is meant for forever will be more balanced. You will still have highs and lows, and arguments, but spend most of your time at ease together closer to the middle of the road, meaning not such extreme highs and lows. Might seem boring at times, but that's ok. You should be comfortable in boredom or silence together. A long lasting relationship takes work, you have to come up with ideas to keep things fresh and new. Different date ideas, start a new hobby together, visit somepace new. . .


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  • Secret: The spark doesn't last forever.

    That doesn't mean the relationship dies. It just means it becomes work. You can find joy in that work though. And that's what makes a good relationship. If you find joy in working on being a couple then you stay together and become a strong powerhouse couple :) If you find it to be a genuine chore, however, then it's not good.

  • I'm no magic ball to predict your fate, but you two are still very young to know what real love is about. For all i know, you two might have had a honeymoon phase but that too faded, when all the lovey doveyness have been seared, what else can you relate to him about besides having a seemingly boy and girl attraction?