Should I tell my boyfriend I was in Lesbian relationship?

I've been dating this guy for quite some time now. He has told me about his past relationships and so have I but I just leave the part out that my recent ex is a girl and she was my longest relationship. Should I tell him about it? Or is that going to scare him away? Or become jealous when I hang put with girls?


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  • I CERTAINLY dont think you should, because the next time you tell him that you're "just going to hang out with some of your friends", he is going to get suspicious. But still, it's YOUR life, YOUR decision, and most important: YOUR mistake, not someone else's. So just do what makes the most sense to you, if telling it gives you some kind of relieve, just go ahead and do it, but personally, as a guy, i wouldn't really be happy about it if i heard something similar to. this ^^ anyways, i hope you choose the right thing (right or wrong, it's all up to you)


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  • well i think you should tell him , if he understand your feelings. otherwise dont tell him if you think he will leave you.

  • My girlfriend had a girlfriend a few years before she met me. She figured out that she was straight (she could never bring herself to go down on her girlfriend). It's fine, whatever.

  • I would expect him to be intrigued and ask for a threesome if he learns that you had a lesbian relationship in the past.

    • Wauw, that's just awesome just the way you put that one xD assuming it's a joke btw?

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