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okay so say you were dating this boy/girl and he/she gets a call from a crying ex that they were in love with previously. the ex and your bf/gf start talking about relationships and other personal topics. your bf/gf doesn't tell you about it until a few weeks later, and only because they thought you had saw some text messages from the ex on their phone. would you be upset with your bf/gf for comforting their ex (who dumped them) and then not telling you about it? or would you not care? would you think there was still something going on between them?


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  • As long as they weren't talking about getting back together, I don't see why not. Yes, they might have broken up for a reason, but they also went out for a reason too. There's nothing wrong with caring about your ex as a human being, and who better to talk about relationship things than somebody you actually went out with.

    I would trust my girl to remain faithful to me. Sure, feelings of suspicion might creep in, but as long as our relationship is good and healthy, she has my full trust. Granted the things aren't too personal about the ex, I'd encourage her to talk to me about these conversations and their previous relationship :)


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  • My gf is free as a bird until were married. If or when she's ready to tell me what's in the dark and it's about her ex and relationship and personal topics then... No I won't get upset nor get mad. I attend to her feelings and emotions then reason with her. Why? Cause getting mad will solve nothing. I learn to become bitter and cold during relationships and open up when I'm past the gf/bf stage. It's 2014 and I'm not going waste my time nor breath on useless matters that can be solved very easily. If she have even the slightest feelings for her ex. She's (in my mind) now frienzoned. Cause I'm not going pour my feeling into fighting for her. I don't do games, drama, nor I am a door mat. I would how ever think there is something going on but since my mind wired her into friendzone I wouldn't be all that shocked if it was something cause my forewarnings was telling me already.

  • I'd hang up as soon as I hear the crying.


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