We're dating but I get a vibe I'm never going to hear from him again!?

So we have been "dating" for about a month now. He's been a gentleman and everything is goin good. I stayed over last week and didn't want to have sex and felt a little awkward in the morning. He was going for a surf and he semi invited me but I palmed it off. Once he had dropped me home I called him about 10min after to ask what beach he'd be at cause I really did want a swim. He told me the spot and said her text me when he was going - didn't hear anything. I didn't go cause the weather wasn't great! Anyway now we haven't spoken since Sunday and I'm getting a bad vibe that I've freaked him out when all I was doing was changing my mind!


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  • Just make plans then invite if he doesn't show them he is probably done

  • Stop assuming and do not be prideful. Call the guy.


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