What does it feel like to be kissed?

Just wondering... Never done it...


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  • There are certain forms of touch experienced between partners that are unlike comparative touches outside of them. A kiss is among them. There is a pyschological pleasure that is hard to convey in words without distorting it. Think about when you hugged someone you really missed. The physical sensation of a regular hug is nothing like that hug. There's something deeply satisfying you feel in your mind which isn't present in some mundane hug. Kissing is similar. It gives that emotional spike to an otherwise mundane touch. While the same mental feelings aren't there, the emotional intensity is similar.

    Another aspect that speaks volumes about a kiss is that it can provide a window into another's feelings. The way their tongue plays with your lips or tongue and how their kisses are paced gives this almost psychic notion of their feelings. Returning to our hug example, think about the way their arm placement and squeeze tells you about how they feel without a single word. If the slightly move an arm during a hug, there seems to be volumes of information conveyed by their action. The lenth of the hug similarly allows us to psychically read each other not too unlike how a kiss does.

    While a kiss and well overdue hug are wholly different experiences, they are comparable in the vast depths of nonverbally conveyed messages they send. I would say that, above all else, is why kissing is so magical at times.

    Hope that helps.


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  • Aside from actual sex, it is one of the most intimate things two people can do together. I thoroughly enjoy it.

  • When I really kiss a woman, I do it with emotion and I feel an "electricity" especially when I am attracted to her.


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  • Depends if you have a connection with the person, or if you're just kissing them.
    If its for intimacy outside of sex, it is intoxicating. It warms your whole body, and makes you feel… just good.
    During sex, its sensual, and arousing.