To all the male players out there - what has stopped you in your tracks and made you settle down?

What is it about that girl that stopped you dead in your tracks and you gave her the title of Girlfriend? And you were committed and didn't cheat or even consider it.


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  • The actual players I know stop being players and settle down when and if they make a conscious decision to have a family.

    They never forget the fact they can replace their partner easily, and choose someone who meets their 'checklist' of wife/mother characteristics. Often, not always, someone traditional, not very promiscuous, enthusiastically sexual, low conflict, intelligent, etc.


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  • In psychology there is a saying. The greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. For someone who has a long history of promiscuity, thy are likely to continue to be promiscuous as they age. The only real thing that is going to stop them is being too unattractive to get new partners.

    • Thanks. The reason I am asking is that my brother met a girl over a year ago and he has never (that I know of) cheated or barely looked at another girl. He is good looking, good job, well educated and would be considered a catch and was a major, major player in his younger days. But he says this girl fulfils all his needs and he can't imagine life without her. He might a rare breed of male player !!

  • Once a player always a player.


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  • For most guys... they got too old for the carefree young women and do not get laid as often as they want to.

    For some guys... she impressed him with her beauty AND brains, and did not sleep with him right away, so they got to know the brain part of her.