Is there hope for me?

average face and mediocre body... i always wear a coat to cover my non existent butt and boobs and i dont get attention from guys usually. how can i be more attractive? i have to go to school so thats why i wear such outfits..

pls dont tell me that guys prefer different things cause i know most of them dont like me. they dont stare at me like they do at pretty girls with nice butts.


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  • What attract guys is attitude, and with that attitude you'll never attract anyone. That is for sure.

    It doesn't matter if you have a stunning body if you cover it up and act like you're an ogre. However if you act like you're the belle of the ball, demand attention by your presence - and not by whining for compliments - then you'll BE the center piece of attention.

    So go out there and BE the self assured master of the situation. If you can radiate confidence, everybody else will gather around - because nobody else are very confident at all.


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  • Okay, this is just fishing for compliments. Either that or your self esteem is on the minus site (nearing absolute zero).
    What do you got?
    1. a cute face
    2. curvy hips
    3. curvy waist
    4. Breast that's proportional to your body size, and actually looks natural.
    5. A healthy figure.

    You look beautiful in my opinion (7/10 or better IMO), and you shold realize this :)

  • I think you are attractive

  • Well, I don't care if this isn't what you want to hear, but I think you have a nice body. Bad attitude, but definitely cute.

  • Oh Jeez. You again? Thanks for the new pics. You're full of shit. You know you're attractive.

  • You have a pretty face and kind of an hourglass shaped body. There is definitely hope for you


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