Guys, do you usually know that a girl is "the one for you" by impression, or do you feel like you must get to know her?

Guys, what's your experience with dating woman from first impression and from being friends first? I personally believe that a guy will know when he wants to be with a girl. If he's decided that he doesn't want to date her, it won't really change. Thoughts?


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  • Its rare for a guy to WANT to settle with a woman, its rare he even wants to be committed. The only way he knows is because he will shun other females and males to be with you. and if you are friends first, it is usually good. but I doubt guys believe in the concept of "the one" that was made up by females and today, it is broken by females. Ask yourself, if someone is "the one" why is there divorce? why do people break up? etc... signs that there is no such thing and guys know that. BUT if a girl acts like herself..(as a female) he will have no choice but to be male and things will go smooth.

    • sorry, let me clarify. i don't necessarily mean like "the one and only" but more like "she's the girl for me" or "she's a girl i could see myself dating and really liking"

    • that is more like it... in my experience... that is still a misconception. finding the right person for you to date is almost always by accident. Unless the connection is strong and even if it is... someone will try to mess it up... either the guy feels it but doesn't want to be "tied down" or the girl will feel it and not come out with it. so back to your question: how we feel, what people don't realize is that guys sense as many things as girls.. but unlike girls.. we tend not to dwell on may 93% of it. We know when a girl is "right" for us... but we "want" the cutie down the hallway with the miniskirt on. there's a difference. same way girls like the team quarterback and miss their friend that sits next to them in homeroom everyday and listens to everything she has to say. that mentality doesn't change much. Guys know what is right but go for what they want and girls... well... girls know what they want but then they try to change it to be what is right and shit pops off.. feel me?

    • Thanks for the vote... I think I want to correct something though... In my comment, I said "tied down" for the guys... for the girls, they just believe it isn't real and create doubt... mostly


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  • HAVE to get to kno her first. They might seem perfect but after a couple months of dating them, u might see them in a different light. One girl I dated seemed like the perfect girl. Until I realized she was being fake about our common interests. She pretended to be someone she wasn't

  • For me its a case by case basis. Sometimes I get "that feeling" right away, and sometimes it develops after learning more about her.

  • Actually mixture of both - good impression will tell me that she might be intresting - and in getting to know her Im evaluating if I was right or wrong.


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  • Don't be a fool guys get to know her lol