Girls: (1) Nice caring emotional & responsible guy (Also little chubby) V/S (2) funnier masculine flirty & irresponsible guy?

What will be your preference?

  • 1st one
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  • 2nd
    9% (1)0% (0)8% (1)Vote
  • Combination of both.. Specified in comment!!
    64% (7)100% (2)69% (9)Vote
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  • If I'm looking for a relationship I'd want the 1st guy, but with humour. Life is sometimes way to serious so I think that you should be able to laugh together and at yourself and look at life in a positive way. Being completely irresponsible is a big no no, it's okay to do reckless things from time to time but I still want to know that he is invested in the relationship and his future. I don't care if he's a little chubby or not. :)


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  • Funny, masculine, responsible, nice and caring guy. And confidence is a plus.
    I dont care if he is chubby.


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