She's still interested right?

So I went out on a first date it started well we went to the bar had few drinks then went to movies then trip Denny's. The date was ok. I'm gona cut the story short. As we left she said lets hang out again I said of course I told her to text me when she gets home which she did. So today which is Thursday I asked her if she's busy on Sunday and she said she had plans but maybe next week?
Is she still interested in me?


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  • You took her on your first date to a bar? Interesting... lol if she is giving a maybe to next week there is hope. however, if she isn't texting or talking to you that much after the date then the chance is gone. She also could be playing the known game of hard to get. It just depends what type of woman this is. :)


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  • Yeah she genuinely has something to do :D

  • Yes. If she said she had plans, then she really had plans.. It doesn't mean that she doesn't want to hang out with you.


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