Does she like me or just playing me?

there is a girl I really like we get along great she always says she could kiss me all day and loves cuddling me anytime we go anywhere we hold hands and kiss the whole time she said her dad likes me and he doesn't like anyone we talked about going to the movies with her kid for my birthday but I haven't heard from her at all I sent her a text but she hasn't returned my text or anything I just don't know where to go from hear everything seem great she said we have a great connection I don't know what to do

I know some things about her that know one else does that could get her in trouble there not bad but I don't why she would tell me if I didn't mean something to her


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  • How long has it been since your heard from her? Could she have lost her phone or something?

    • its 2 days since I heard from her but she just text saying happy bday but she said luv your best friend then put xxxx but didn't say anything about going to the movies

    • :-/ I don't know about that. You just need to talk to her about it.

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  • Pick up the Phone and call. What is it with people these days? Afraid to make a Phone call? If you need an quick answer best to just ring a person.


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  • Call her and leave a message to go for dinner. If she doesn't reply, move on.