Thoughts on why daughter won't consider dating another race?

My 18 year old daughter still lives at home and brings her boyfriends over whenever she likes, as she's allowed to do. What she does in her room is her business, as long as she's safe. But in bringing them here, I get to spend a good bit of time around them and I'm seeing how many of them are just idiots with dicks. They don't really treat my daughter as good as she deserves, but nothing mean or abusive. Just unappreciative. I know a guy who works at the grocery store, in fact she and I have both known him for years. I think they'd make a great couple. I think it's at least worth one date. But no. The problem? He's black, and she says she won't date black guys. WTF? I don't understand. Is the the sign of a bigger issue or should I just let it go?


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  • No it's a preference thing sometimes, she might like black guys just not that specific black guys some people prefer the darker black guys some people prefer fair black guys and some people just don't find them sexually attractive


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  • I don't believe it's a sign of a bigger issue - she just may not be attracted to other races. There's nothing wrong with that and it doesn't make her a racist. Our primal instincts urge us to mate with people who look like ourselves. She may also feel that you are trying to play matchmaker between her and this other guy, and while you mean well, she probably thinks you are interfering.


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  • What race is your daughter?

  • You get off on that type of stuff or something

    She may not be attracted to them. What's her not dating interracially have to do with you not liking her current boyfriends? She just goes after crappy guys. She'll grow out of it when she realizes her biological clock is ticking.