Guys If you're experienced, would you prefer your partner to be inexperienced or experienced as well? why?

Consider this for a long term relationship.


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  • While I generally prefer to meet up with experienced women, I suppose if I was trying to go for a long term relationship, I'd want her rather inexperienced, or maybe even better (and that will sound very petty of me), her having some unsatisfied experiences.
    Basically to bind her sexually to me.


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  • I'm a virgin but would prefer a girl who has had sex before, less awkwardness, less drama over it, less of a big deal, she could be more of a teacher.

    A bit hypocritical of me since I'm one myself I know.

  • When it comes to sex, I prefer not to deal with a virgin because there's just so much drama over getting to sex. So long as she's clean, loyal, and classy I don't care that she's been with other men.

    As far as relationships are concerned... I'd hope she was experienced enough to know how to compromise, apologize, and resolve problems, but not so experienced that she has bitter views of men or think that all "good women" can "train a man"... When they get like that, then they're lost...


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