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So this guy likes me and I like him to kind of... and it's way to late to put him in that ya know... "friend zone" and I told him I like him but I change my mind a lot, so I might not like you tomorrow im just a very confusing girl. And he was like "its okay :D" Like dude no? I like him in a like omgggg we should chill all the time and maybe cuddle but he thinks I want the D lololololol. How do I tell him in a nice and not straight forward way that I don't like him, and I would never in a billion years go out with him._? (that sounded horrible the way I said that XC.)


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  • tell him axactly what you wrote on here


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  • Very animated depict except i find a bit hard on reading it. Sometime we have to be the bad guy before it's too late to prevent us from being a slayer.

  • Grow the fuck up


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  • You need to mature in the sense that you need to identify exactly what you do and do not want. The current state you are in will get you and others hurts.
    As to how to tell him, let him know that "i love you like a brother so its hard for me to imagine dating you"