Dealing with a stressed and distant boyfriend?

My boyfriend has been under a ton of stress at work and to add to that his grandfather is dying. He's never been the best at handling stress but it's got him very moody and I'm finding it really tough to deal with. He doesn't disappear for a few days or anything like that but when we're together sometimes he'll be very quiet, grumpy and cold. Our sex life has also taken a hit. I know his situation is tough a part of me can't help but feel that he's losing interest. SHould I just talk to him?


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  • Ok first of all, he's not losing interest of you & second of all, he's having really big stress like come on 1. Stress at work oh boy! O. O 2. His grandfather dying that's a lot of feels he's having. Talk to him, it helps a bit and just be there for him; Love him, snuggle him (not in a sex life way), try to get his mind off it like play games, watch a movie like comedy or horror.


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  • No way.. you need to give him space and let him have his grieving period. Its hard to admit this to yourself but you are being a little bit selfish