Can a guy in university and a girl in high school have a successful relationship?

There's a guy I worked with this summer who was a complete sweetheart, but is a few years older and in university. In general, is it possible for a relationship like that to work?

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  • I have had some friends who have had girlfriends 2 years younger than them. Once they went to college, they found out the biggest thing to keep is trust. The college kid is gonna be tempted to cheat on her with college girls, and the girl is gonna be tempered to cheat on him with boys still in high school. Or vice versa regarding the gender in the education level. So yes, these relationships are possible, they just take a lot of trust and commitment.


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  • It's illegal unless the highschooler is 18 or older, which normally is caused by being held back a grade and ending up a senior.

    Other than that, yes. Hope I've helped.

  • yes of course why not?


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  • Sure, but only if you're both clear about the boundaries of the relationship and about what your connection means to each of you. If he's dated around and is ready for a long-term relationship but you're just starting to date, things may not go too well because you'll both want different things. So make sure you have mutual feelings for each other and want the same things before starting up anything with him. :) By the way, I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 28. He's getting his second degree right now and I'm getting my first, so it's a similar situation. But we know that we're ready to commit long-term to each other, which is why we're happily approaching 1.5 years together.