Guys... do find it odd when a girls tells you how they feel about you?

so really like this guy and we hang out and talk a lot and I really like him but I dont know if I should tell him I like him/ how I feel about him


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  • Umm YEA... takes the load off us because instead of considering 20000 ways to approach you, you just saved us the headache. makes us relax too and could possible be the start of a good relationship, whether dating or friendly.


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  • I've had this happen to me, and if it comes out of the blue then its odd. By out of the blue i mean like there have been no signs at all that you're something more than friends, no real flirting, no sexual tension etc.

    But if there have been some of that, it's not really odd. It might feel a bit sudden, but we wouldn't reject you. The answer might delay a day or two, but that i hope is understandable. After all, it puts things in a different perspective. But i wouldn't worry about asking. In fact, i loved being asked. It made me feel desired and appreciated :)

  • go for it, guys like confident girls

  • no its not I appreciated however if we just met a girl and everybody saying all I care about you important then it's kind of creepy and here's why. There are billions of people out there and if a girl just met me and is already telling me that she likes me that tells me that she hasn't met that many guys or she doesn't have a scarcity mindset take time to get to know each other to ensure it's not just puppy love

  • pfff i'd not like to wste m time for tht LOL


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