My girlfriend lied to me can I still trust?

My girlfriend lied to me about her age. Atfer i asked her a lot of times lied right to my face. Now I'm like could i really trust her? Now like I'm pushing myself back and little bit. Should i be doing this or am i taking it to serious? or far maybe? But i feel like i can't even trust her anymore. And the thing is her friend came up we was talking and saying her age. Then she says she's on birth control but i don't even believe her now... what should i do?


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  • If she lied about being younger, that's understandable. Women do that because it sometimes makes us feel very insecure when we're older than the guy. White lies like that are common - it's like a guy adding an inch to his penis size. If she lied about being older, that's not good... if you really like or love her, you should give her another chance. If you think she's too untrustworthy, save yourself the trouble and end things with her. Good luck.

    • I agree with you but a woman that lies about stuff to get results she wants (to make herself seem younger than she is) also lie about stuff to get other results she wants (to make herself pregnant if the boyfriend doesn't want to have kids?) on the other hand everybody lies sometimes about some things. So I don't know

    • That's true. Maybe you should ask why she lied - if she has a good reason and is sincerely sorry, you could give her another chance. Otherwise, consider that she could be, as you said, lying about other things.

    • I know that if my boyfriend caught me in a lie I'd be so sorry and would make it up to him in any way that I could. I would apologize and apologize until he forgave me because I would be terrified of losing him. If she respects and loves you, she'll be truly sorry that she lied to you. If she's chill about it and doesn't think it's a big deal, she's probably not giving you the respect you deserve. So judge the situation based on her reaction.

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  • I believe that if she lied about being younger and it's a great difference in age you need to decide if your comfortable with this age difference. If you really love her at first it may be difficult but you will be able to find a way through hopefully. But if she is younger and the age difference is great I believe that you should also decide if you are Ok with this age difference and if you are then pursue in a relationship but have a talk with her , let her understand that this (You and her won't work out) If she can't be honest with you. Has she lied about anything else? Try and see if everything you know about her was untrue is so leave her cause this will lead to a lot of pain trust me. But there will be a couple of things she may not feel comfortable with telling you but if its a major need to know thing and this constantly happens leave her.


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  • Seriously if a woman will lie about something as minor as her age then she can easily lie about bigger this.