I feel like she's mad at me what do I do?

For the past four days my best friend and i have barely been talking but before then me and her would talk non stop all the time im just worried somethings happened to her and she's not answering me back i feel like she's ignoring me but I don't know what i did wrong. I haven't said anything mean or rude to her not once if i been disrespectful to her. What do i doooo. 😔


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  • I just noticed More Info that has helped me in deciphering that perhaps she is upset, depressed that she has had to move and needs time, space, to accept the fact that you are not going to be "Close" to her anymore.
    Give her some more time, she may still get in contact with you. Moving away is a big change, most disheartening when you have to leave people you love behind.
    Good luck. xx

    • I hope so. Once i finish my senior year this year i was gunna move by here and surprise her is that a bad idea or not. Cause i just found out by one of her friends that she's in love with me. And yes i do love her too. Thats why i can't stand this anymore cause i miss her so much.😔😓

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    • I will hopefully and you too.(:

    • Thank you so much... I am in limbo but you still have a chance and if she comes around and opens up, given a chance, I think you both have what it takes to make this work. xx


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  • It could be that she's going through something in her life and that she doesn't want to be bothered by anyone. When u tried to reach her was it through calling or text?

    • Text. 😔

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    • Well she did text me last night randomly saying " I love you😔" then she said " im sorry im just going through a lot right now" then that was the last thing she said to me and she used to tell me what her problems or what was goinig on but she hasn't this time thats why im really woried this time.😔

    • Well at least she finally text u and told u she loves u and that she's going through some things, so u know she cares about u still & she's not mad at u. :)

  • I know how you feel. It's the worst if they don't tell you what you've done.
    I think just wait til you guys are on good terms/ back to normal and just ask that she deal with things differently, if she ever has an issue with you again. Ask that she is just open with you.

    • I don't know if its me or whats going on but she's not telling me anything bit she used to tell me everything that was bothering her or what was going on now she just hasn't told me anything. 😔

  • Have you tried stopping by? Tell her you were worried, you're thinking about her, and call if she needs anything. No one stops by anymore... all they do is text.

    • I would stop by but she moved outta state cause her dad they had to move cause of hos job. I miss her so much. I would drive there but id have a care anymore. This sucks. 😔😫

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  • You've just got to wait it out. If she's ignoring you, there's no way for you to force her to speak to you. And don't contact her. Wait for her to come to you. That's the fastest way.