Why is it that every time I get a man to really like me suddenly I lose interest?

I can think I am in love with the man but when they eventually fall for me I get cold-feet and no longer want them. I feel uncomfortable. Then I feel really guilty and bad but it's not my fault- I honestly really like them initially before they want to commit. Please help, what is wrong with me and how can I change?


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  • Nothing! Nothing is wrong with you at all. I get this way a lot with guys that I like and then when they want to commit, I start to freak out and lose interest. I think it's maybe insecurities, or you've been burned in the past. Commitment phobia sucks but I promise you you're not the only one.

    • Or she just likes the chase and doesn't like being in a relationship.

    • @MrMuffinMan I think you're both kinda right... I don't know if this is relevant but when I was growing ul I used to get hardly any attention from guys. But in my head, all I've ever wanted is a relationship- I thought I wanted the intense romance but I don't think I'm ready for it. I've never been in a relationship either. Maybe the sexual aspect is turning me off too- that aspect scares me.


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  • this is actually a problem with a lot of girls, the chase is over when a guy really likes you. It's a show of immaturity, it just shows that you're immature. Nothing wrong with being immature but it is best to overcome it. When a guy tells you he really likes you that means you've 1 you've got him to like you it's a power trip and because you now have power you lose interest you want a guy to chase. You need the correctness and you need to stop this behaviorbecause of guys don't put up with it. Maybe at your age you can get away with it but when you get older if you continue this behavior you will be alone

    • I hate being this way though- I hate hurting them :-(

    • Well you're not a victim. You are making a concious decision to do it. You do not have any pitty from me. If you want to change your behavior, then work to change it. Keep It in the back of yur mind that your doing this. Be aware if it, and then we you start to see yourself doing it. You can stop. Changing your behavior is not easy, but you can do it. You'll still mess up, but after a while of being mindful and learning from you mistakes you'll fix it.. good luck

  • You juat probably like attention I know a girl who is being like this with me so I stopped chasing and complimenting her and now she's chasing and trying to talk to me lol too late for her but seriously dont be that kind of girl.


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