How long should I wait to ask this girl be my girlfriend?

I known this girl for about 8 months but we didn't hangout till about 3 weeks ago just us alone. I like her a lot and she likes me too. I want to ask her out but i dont want to go to fast how long should i wait?


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  • I'm not sure. Have you been spending a lot of time with her in these three weeks? If it's really clear you both like each, you could express your fondness for her.

  • Im not sure if by "ask her out" you mean for dates or relationship. But, I think it's best to try a few dates first. Ask her if she like to go to maybe dinner just to 2 of you or anything you're both interested in. Spend a few more dates together alone then make it official. If she likes you too there's no reason she should say no to going on some dates to spend time alone. I don't see a point in waiting.


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