Why hasn't he called?

he promised that he would and he did call twice a day for a few days then he stopped calling. I know that he may be busy but can't he at least text to say 'good night' ?

and when he doesn't call, I keep thinking that maybe he doesn't like me. what should I do?

for the poll below: if you really like and care about a girl, would you call her often? or is it possible to forget if you're too busy?

  • Yes, it's possible to forget, or be too busy to call even if I deeply care about her
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  • No, I would call her even if I am too busy
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  • Other (if you choose "other" then please write why in the comment box)
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  • I'd call often, but not maybe as often as you were thinking, it'd always be in the back of my mind that if I called every day would it appear as too controlling or clingy (thats probably not quite the correct terminology, but hopefully gives an idea of what I mean. Of course in your situation it wouldn't seem to apply as he started off by calling a couple of times a day

    • Yea. it confuses me. I know I'm asking for a lot and I know that he could be too busy. But at the same time I wonder if it has to do with his feelings for me.. like I wonder if he didn't like me that much.

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