How am I supposed to get skills with the ladies?

I mean, I'm 16 and I don't have any lady-skills at all! My friends get girlfriends no problem. I like this girl and we went on a date and talk/text a lot. When I tell my friends about it they always tell me "oh dude! you f*cked up!" or "Oh dude you missed your chance!"

How do I find out sh*t like this when I'm with her, so I don't screw up?

Sorry if it's confusing.


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  • First off, don't listen to your guy friends because they'll give you bad advice. I don't care if they have girlfriends or whatever, this is about you, not them. If A girl likes you, she likes you. The only way that can change is if you f*** it up. As long as you seem comfortable being yourself and aren't A jerk to her, I'm sure things will turn out fine. Guys tend to give advice that will only sabotage your chances of having A successful relationship. Be yourself and be A gentleman. :)


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  • practice


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  • First things first. You've got to have confidence and never be afraid of rejection. It almost boils down to bieng comfortable with who you are. Just be yourself and don't come on too strong. Bust her balls and treat her like one of the guys, but if you feel like she's "connecting" or whatever, then do subtle things that show her your attracted to her. You have to do those subtle things at the right moments. You should know when they happen its an instinct every guy has, don't "miss your chance" you probably won't get another. Don't jump at her every command either. Don't be a tool. Don't listen to your friends everyone is different and they have thier own ways of doing things. Maybe read a book on developing "the game". I havnt, so I can't recommend any but I'm sure theyre out there. That might help but from my experience some guys are born with it and then the others just can't get it no matter how hard they try. The best thing you can do is to work on yourself: mentally, physically and in terms of building yourself into a success. If you can do those things then I can't see any guy having problems with hooking up with women. Remember that your still very young and women will come and go. Hope this helped. Good luck.

  • just chill and relax. it comes naturly to some people and not to others. me I was about 19 till I learned how to deal with women and now I know how to work smoothly but now I don't have to worry about it cause I found the girl I'm gonna marry. but for you don't worry so much the game has only just begun. you can only learn form experiencing it all for yourself. learn how to deal with this situation vs that. and what to do when its all from experience and making the wrong choice the first time.

  • Don't take too much notice of 16 year old boys, a lot of what they say is made up to try and impress their friends, or alternatively if they can't do that, try to make their friends feel smaller than them. I'm guessing they don't have much more, if any more, experience than you (trust me, I used to be a 16 year old boy :-P).

    You've been on a data, check. You talk and text a lot, check. You seem to be doing ok by me. If you were doing anything *really* wrong why would she keep in touch, everyone makes mistakes and she won't hold it against you if she's the girl for you.