Why don't girls like me?

I do not know whats wrong with me! I am 14 years old and never had a girl in my life, people BS all the time saying "you look good girls must love you, but I am weird so you should look for another girl" and then it goes like dominos. I did have one girl crush on me but SHE MOVED AWAY. I also get the problem from some adults saying "You are too young wait until you are 16" well when I was 11 (When I did not even desire a GF) someone told me wait until i am 13 now at age 14 people are saying I should wait cause I am "too young" I bet by the time I am 33 people will still say I am too young! Also too I have never been called ugly by anyone, I think something is really wrong with my personality.


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  • To be honest 14 is young and there are a lot of things you still need to learn. First off girls and guys have difficulty expressing their emotions at Any age! As you get older I'm sure you'll find someone who's personality is perfect for yours. But I don't think you should think too much of it now. You still have a whole life to live.


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  • 14 is still really young, kids dont know what they want at this age... you could be the best guy ever and girls wouldn't care/notice at this point. wait a few more years, you will see it all work out so well once you blossom :)

    • Ugh I will always be too young! Even at 53! I give up I am not getting a GF I will live alone.

  • Oh my god. You are 14, it's not like you're 57 and have never had a girlfriend. Slow down, and take it easy.

    • At least your answer wasn't "You're too young" thank you.

    • You're not to young to think about girls. You're just way too young, to worry about not being in a relationship/'not' being liked by a girl.

    • In my opinion I think you should only get a girlfriend when you go through puberty (when you really gain a sexual desire for girls, not saying you should have under age sex but you know)

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  • 14 is young bro you should be at least in grade 11 before you date girls mainly because the girls aren't mature enough and you're not mature enough at that age to be playing with someone elses emotions. So bottom line stop looking for girls you're too young. Also the girls will start coming when you're older don't worry.

    • "You're too young" is a bad answer in my opinion, it's so easy for you to say, but where I live people always have their first date at least at 14. I am starting to think it depends on where you lived and how you where raised. In my state 14 year olds may be a lot more mature than where you came from.

    • Well it's not that you can't be kissing girls and stuff like that at 14 it's that you aren't mature enough to be playing with someones feelings like you do in a real relationship, before you get into a real relationship you should be in grade 11 or 16 years old. It's just that you get that understanding of other peoples feelings when you're older right now you're a little young for this man.