Asked the guy what he liked about me.. he said I was kind?

Been dating a guy for a little over a month, asked him what he liked about me. He said I was kind, and he liked that I'm always thinking of others and making sure everyone is happy before myself.

When I asked him if that was it because he didn't continue talking he said yeah.

Is it good to be just kind? -- and personally.. I don't even think I'm that kind... usually..


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  • mabey he wanted to come off sweet. or that he had no clue what to say when you asked him. as a guy we can be very very stupid when it comes to these things. and yes its okay to be just kind. its been a month. after 4 or five he needs to be stepping his game up and going into details


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  • It means you're ugly

    • no he's told me in the past that he likes my body

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  • You don't have to be sweet to be kind - you just have to be devoid of any serious personality flaws. some people look for sweetness, others look for simplicity.