To not come off as needy. Only reach out to a girl with a purpose. (unless she's your gf)

so that I don't come off as needy, I believe that unless a girl is your girlfriend. You should only be reaching out to her if you have a purpose. For example, I usually me girls by going out and approaching them. if we don't go out on a date st that moment, then i I get there number, text in a bit, and then move to a phone call. We talk on the phone few times to build repore then after those few times I feel like any other additional calls are now needy. That we Should only be talking if were going to plan a date or to invite her to my place for sex. What do you girls think this, and guys as well


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  • It depends how close you are friends with that person I think. I don't talk to people unless I have a purpose mainly because I don't trust them.

  • I think it's a good strategy except the part about worrying about being too needy. You want to call, you should just call.


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