Boyfriend ignores me to stare at random girls?

I've been with my boyfriend for over I year now. I love him, but it hurts me everytime I see him staring at other girls when I'm right there. I've told him it hurts me several times and all he does is lie and say he didn't do it. When I hint about it he said it's in his nature. If he really loved me shouldn't he at least quit doing it around me? He ignores me to stare at them! It makes me feel like telling him to leave. Should I let it go or should he have enough respect for me to stop it when I'm right there?

I know he want cheat on me he's not that knida guy I have my reason for it. I love him! It just hurts when he does it! He's done so many things for me and I love him for it! He's talking about getting married I want to but I wish he would stop!


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  • It's in his nature my ass... umm nooo I don't think so.., tell him to knock that shit off or he can go "nature" without you


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  • He has a wandering eye there will be a time that the wandering will be by his Cock. Only trouble lies ahead as do difficult decisions.

  • barely all men check ladies out, especially hot ones, but its not a really good habit especially if he is committed in any serious relationship, and if he is weak, at least he shudnt do it when u r around and he shud respect ur feelings, especially that u already told him that it hurts

    or/ he might be doing that just to enjoy ur jealousy

  • Have you considered how he might feel about you bringing it up in such an accusatory manner? Or the possibility that you might be bringing it up when he actually wasn't even looking?

    • I only say something when I know he did it. I see it with my own eyes.

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    • I try too it's hard to get him to talk.

    • It's not just you. I find women can be very insensitive to their partners. I would advise you not to bring this up at the moment you believe it is happening. Resist the temptation to "call him out" or any such nonsense. It may be gratifying to think you've caught him, but it doesn't help the relationship. It only makes him feel guilty if you were right or resentful if you were wrong. If you feel sad or angry with him about this, then the two of you need to address it, but you should choose a time and place that is appropriate. If he will not seriously address it when you are alone, have time to talk, and are not in the moment of anger, then follow what everybody else here said.

  • Jealousy is not healthy and sure he is being disrespectful. A tiger will not change his stripes. You either deal with it or leave him.

    • jealousy is natural, and who deny that are not really frank with themselves,
      maybe too much jealousy cud be bad, but jealousy absence is also bad and abnormal

      the asker is totally fine and normal if it hurts when he disrespect her presence in this selfish way

    • You're wrong in my opinion but that's fine

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  • Dump him. If it's been a year and you've told him to stop, he's not going to. You deserve a guy with more respect for you. Please, dump him. He'll realize what he's missing and either stop and beg for you back, or he'll leave and you'll be so much better off with an actual good boyfriend. Good luck!

  • My bf use to do the exact same thing... I've talked to him about it a few times and he told me its in his nature and he wouldn't stop. ¬_¬ anyways the last time he did that... We were on a date and I told him "You should take a picture it lasts longer." he thought I was joking so he laughed but once he saw I wasn't laughing he stopped looking at other girls in front of me lol!