How far to go on the first date?

I am in high school, and was wondering how far like in I guess a base sense should a couple go on the first date?

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  • It really depends on the person you are going to go out with, discuss limits before going on the date, I know it sounds weird and awkward but you don't wanna go in for the kiss and get the cheek. Better to be safe than sorry. In my opinion a first date should never have more than a good-bye kiss, hand holding and hugging is fine

    • Discuss it before? Seriously?

      Imagine going out with a guy, and before you even meet, he texts you "Hey, so how far are we gonna go? I want to try for the kiss, but I want to ask your permission". I would be like wtf instant turn-off. Also it would ruin the tension and excitement when you're actually going for the kiss.

    • I don't mean like that i mean like bring it up in a conversation make a game out of it. Casually ask "what are your limits on a first date?" you don't actually say you want to go for a kiss you haven't been on the date yet therefore you dont know what you want, it's just good to take precautions and maybe sound a bit stupid than looking and feeling like a complete idiot when you get rejected


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  • I think going more than a kiss on the lips is too much - somewhere between a goodbye kiss on the check or holding hands. Some girls might be different though, it depends on the person,

  • depends on how comfortable yous are together, really depends on each other :)

  • I think that you should go based on your dates limits. Obviously I'm assuming that as a guy you wouldn't mind going all the way (that may not be true and sorry if I'm wrong). The last thing you'd want to do on a first date is ruin your chance, so I think you should just see how far your date is willing to go then go along with that. If she hints at a kiss then kiss her, if she maybe deepens the kiss then you know you have the green light for maybe making out. Since you're under 18 it's probably best not to go past a few seconds of kissing but I think it's always best to make sure she's comfortable.

    • Ok thank you, I actually do have a problem with "Going all the way" I do not believe in premarital sex, and strongly disagree with teenagers that do it, so that is my boundary line.

What Guys Said 2

  • Depends... I go with with the flow and see where it takes me.

    If I don't feel that spark or emotions I tell her right away before anything starts

  • kiss without question