Mine happened today, unexpectedly.
I like this guy. We went to see a movie (Maze Runners) and we sat down. My sister and her boyfriend were all cuddled up. The guy and I held hands. But when the movie was starting. On his right hand, he was TEXTING. Basically texting nonstop. He got up in the middle of movies. He wanted me to cuddle with him, so I did and said "I feel uncomfortable." because I was leaning over in a seat.
He got up a few times and LEFT for 20 minutes. He was so distracting.. The movie ended.
I talked to him, my sister was talking to her boyfriend. The guy was like. "Why aren't you close to me like they are close?" and I was kinda like "What?" and we ended up arguing and he was saying I was trippin, and being weird, and being different. He tried to pull me in a different movie, just wanting to SIT! I denied. He was basically judging my walking, thinking I was shy. But I was so uncomfortable of him for judging me like that.
So I got mad. We walked out. I was grouchy. I was ahead of him and I decided to play nice yet grouchy and was like "Give me a hug. " and he said "Thanks for the date" and I mumbled "You're welcome"


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  • Unless his house was on fire, or a family member was sick, there is no reason for texting AT ALL during a date, let alone texting constantly.
    I know people like that, and it drives me crazy.
    They will be at a party, and sit in the corner texting constantly.
    Who are they texting, and why?
    What is so important that they can't enjoy present company?
    And if they don't enjoy the present company, why are they there?
    I wouldn't waste any more time with the serial texter.
    Obviously others are more important than you.


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  • I can remember mine clear as day but holy shit I'm only commenting because your "date" was royal shit. A heeping pile of fail. A lost cause. Squandering waste of space. He's a multifarious abyss. Holy crup.

    • .. You.. don't even know.. how much I wanted to shoot. Hahah.

    • Did he even pay for the date or himself LOL? seriously, how's you meet him and describe why you went with him? I'm curious xD this is so dumb it's funny.

    • He paid for his own. LOL.
      And I met him online.. (Yeah I know) Our first hangout was the best. I was chill. He was nice, but the 2nd time. He was on me and basically judging me. We are still fighting today.
      It all started when I walked in the car, going home and just exploded on him. LMFAO.
      If you want to message me, I'll say the whole story.

  • Wow its really hard to fuck up a movie date considering you don't even have to look at each other for 2 hours really I thought the only way would be like to hide your dick inside the popcorn tub waiting for the girl to grab the dick. Color me impressed.
    For my worst date I'm just going to say denchers and leave it at that, I don't even want to think about it.

    • Funny story actually..
      He kept interrupting me when I was trying to watch the movie. I paid 10.25 to get in the movie!
      His phone kept flashing. He kept getting up. So I basically moved to the side, and cuddled against the side of the chair. Because he was so distracting!!

    • So you paid too, wow. I guess think of it as the price you paid to make him go away.

  • Sounds like a crappy date lol. I've actually never been on a date so I don't have any bad ones obviously lol

  • The one where the girl tried to introduce me to her parents on the first date, i freaked out and told her i had errands albeit i reached her at her home and i audi 5000.

  • you just described mine hahaha x


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  • Oh you poor thing! He sounds like a total dick hahaha!
    I have a pretty bad one too though... My worst date was when I was 17. First of all, the kid was head over heels for me, but I did NOT like him. I only agreed to go out with him so that he would stop asking. I had to pick him up because he didn't have his license yet, which I guess wasn't a huge deal. Then we went to go see a movie, but to my utter surprise, his PARENTS were (purposely) there to see the same movie as us. They ended up sitting a few rows behind us. Awkward. We saw 2012, and if you haven't seen it, it's practically the longest movie of all time which made the whole evening even more torturous. I remember sitting with my body facing away from him, with my arm draped over my side so that he couldn't hold my hand. He kept asking me if I was cold and I kept saying no. Then, since that wasn't working for him, he pulled the "my hands are so cold, FEEL!" so I had no choice but to hold his hand. Then at one point, with his parents sitting only rows away, he moved a piece of hair out of my face and started making out with me, and I promptly turned my head to give him the cheek. A few minutes later he tried again with the same move, brushing a NON-EXISTENT piece of hair from my face so that he could try kissing me again. And he was a slobberer, Ewww. For the rest of the movie I refused to look at him for fear he would try to brush more pretend hair out of my face so that he could shove his tongue down my throat again. After the movie was over, we met his parents in the lobby and he asked me to go to his school dance with him IN FRONT OF HIS PARENTS so that there was no way I could say no! To top it all off, he was literally wearing so much cologne that I smelled like a man for a week.

    • Oh my gosh! That's TERRIBLE!
      I'd be so ashamed of myself till this day!

  • Mine is more of an almost date. I went to the house of the guy I was with at the time. I think it was Christmas Eve. He suggested going out to eat at a restaurant. I was the one driving and I didn't know where the place was, so I was asking him for directions. He wouldn't answer me, so I look over and he's asleep. I wake him up and ask where the restaurant is again. At this point, he can't even operate his phone. He was drunk, which I didn't know at the time. It was late to begin with and I ended up driving around until 1 or 2 in the morning and we never went to the restaurant.

  • When he asked me to watch movie and said it would be just US and it will be our first date, he then invited our boss to pay for the movie! I was like what the heck? I thought its OUR date? He didn't say a word after. so i guess that's it haha..