Cute guys: what do you normally look for in a girl?

like do most guys who are the kinda jock athletic good looking guys generally go for the pretty and smart girls, the all about athletics pretty girls, or the slutty pretty girls? why?


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  • It's different for every guy. You are talking about personal preferences, and there is no universal answer (other than, generally, guys prefer girls who aren't substantially overweight - we aren't talking about 5 or 10 extra pounds, but 40+).

    Beyond that, it's up to the individual. But most guys like a wide range of "types", so no matter what your type, you'll have plenty of male interest.

    If you're hoping to become something for one specific guy, then you are wasting your time. Be yourself (but the best version of yourself), and the people who like your type of person will find you.


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  • "jock athletic good looking guys"

    1st of all, not all guys are good looking, maybe 10% of the male population is good looking
    2nd of all, of the 10% of good looking males, maybe 1% or less is a serious committed athlete
    3rd of all, of the 1% of good looking male athletes, maybe 30% are single
    4th of all, of the 0.3% of good looking male single athletes, maybe (depending if you are attractive or not) 25% are into you or would be willing to date you.

    So, your question is then, "What do 0.075% of the male population normally look for in a girl?"

    I would answer to that question, it is so unlikely that you even end up with a guy like this, that you better drop the ego and start expanding your options, or else you will end up sad and miserable.

    Sorry if that little dose of reality hit you too hard, but the earlier you learn this lesson, the happier you will be.

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    • i know all girls can't be sectioned off into those categories, i was just making overgeneralized categories and hoped guys would be able to then specify and explain preferences

  • I am not saying i fit all of those categories but i like small girls like around 5' 2" plus or minus and petite. I don't care about glamorous or really athletic just feminine.

  • people tend to go for people that are similar to them. so a good looking athletic guy will probably go for a good looking athletic girl

  • friendly and fit

  • tendency


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